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Gray Matter
Someone light a match
Do I still remember how to do an LJ cut? Here is that meme we had goin aroundCollapse )
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Hi guys! I'm posting this everywhere, which makes me a bit of a living breathing spambot, but I'm working on a group presentation all about online dating. To go along with this, we've created a survey, that I faithfully promised to submit to everyone I know. Some of those everyones are on LJ, so please! Take five minutes and fill this out. Quick and painless and anonymous Sorry I can't hand out lollipops after it's over.


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It appears that my neighbor down the street, whom admittedly I will be doing a HUGE favor for later this year, is willing to watch my cat for the week. So I will be in town from probably Friday evening until Thursday. Which is awesome. And I seriously gots to clean the fuck out of my apartment. So yeah. I'll be in town. Staying at my bizarro empty apartment, which will in fact be bizarre. But yay!
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So I figure I'll post here and see if anyone has any suggestions.
I'd like to come up to Chicago for a week (and stay at my own place) but that means bringing the kitty with me. Which means no public transport. Fuck.
I know it's unlikely, but could anyone come get me? I'd pay for all the gas, but I recognize it's a lot of time. 2.5 hours each way. But it would be nice to see everyone. Otherwise I will probably come a couple days during the week next week so as to see Gareth. We shall see.

Anyways, thanks to the Nidge for such a lovely party, I had a wonderful time!
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Something Facebook doesn't really let me do and for whatever reason my relationship with Delicious is one of ambivalence bordering on animosity. So excuse me while I save myself a couple links.





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Am I the only one who thinks Apple went seriously wrong on the new shuffle? Yes it's very sleek, but no fun colors, also you HAVE TO HAVE apple earbuds to play the damn thing. And I don't like that 1, 2, 3 click thing. Come on Apple, we couldn't even get a double click mouse, now you want to click on the teeny earbud button 3 times?
Yeah, I haven't physically seen one, but thumbs down.
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Hot Meme actionCollapse )

In other news... boom. Oh fuck optimism in the ear.

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This is what I get for missing class on Tuesday. I get up at ass AM (6) so I can bike to the grocery and buy the cat food before my 8:30 class and when I do get to class, on time, I discover there's an online video and we have no class. Fuck. So now I just sit around until 10.
But I got to ride my bike and that's nice.
Yeah I rode my bike yesterday and today! This was the first time I'd ridden since I'd gotten here so pretty cool. Even having not ridden my bike for a couple months I couldn't figure out why my butt hurt- then I remembered that all the streets around me are cobblestone. I got hammered there for a bit. Definitely adjusted the route this morning.
Google maps informed me that it's less than 2 miles to the grocery store and if I can just put paneers on my commuter bike it will not be a big deal anymore. I can ride basically the entire way to County Market on back road.
I'd like to as much as possible only bike and walk. It's not that I'm saving the planet by doing that instead of taking the bus (the bus would run anyway and really I want it to), but yeah, exercise is key. I'm not going to lose the last 20 just by dieting. Besides, I believe in exercise. I just don't seem to have time to make it to the gym.

I continue to be good about the diet so far, and it will amuse you to know that I 'have' quit drinking. Not forever, and I don't consider it to be a big deal if I have a glass of wine at dinner, but I've definitely quit drinking as an activity at least for the duration of lent. Which is to say another 40 days on top of the 3 weeks I've gone already. A friend of mine quit drinking for his health recently and I figured I'd go in with him. So far so good. I grant you, it's easier doing this in Champaign than it would be in Chi-town.

Test tomorrow and catching up on transcription, which I'll end up doing during my train ride and in Chicago. Here's desperately hoping I don't forget my CD etc. I'm going to meet my new friend TJ which is so exciting and I will probably be sharing his wisdom Amy since he's getting his MA in British Colonialism in Africa. He's spent a lot of time in SA and I'm looking forward to picking his brain about Zimbabwe.

In other news... I'm cold. And I don't feel like doing anything I have to do. And it's raining. Meh.

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Wherein Dorian talks about her diet and food too much. Not even time for boy angst.Collapse )

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Good morning! Maybe I will do this every day. I wouldn't especially count on it. I might at some point get too boring even for me.
I survived the rest of yesterday, which was CogPsych and my second round of Psych orientation. We talked a little bit more about GedEds, for those of us who are sophomores and still need to finish stuff up, and went on to talk about psych research classes, how much we'll be expected to do, etc. It would appear that, on top of my 16 credit hours, I am also expected to do at least 3 hours a week (1 credit) as a lab assistant of some kind. Provided I can get hooked up with a professor.

The way the system is set up is, you do approximately 30 to 40 hours in your major, 30 to 40 hours of gen eds, and 30 to 40 hours of electives. Your 30 to 40 hours electives can turn into a second major or minor, and I have yet to decide whether to aim for something in specific, like a minor in nutrition, or simply to put together a series of electives that correspond and add to my psychology major. I think, as I have every intention of putting myself out as the strongest PhD candidate possible, that I will probably just do all that I can to improve my Psych major. Which will, for me, include classes on physiology, nutrition, and probably gender studies. (Sorry Joy, I realize I'm a little dry in my blogging. My previous statements of confusion on sex and gender were intended sarcastically.)

There's so much I want to study, and while most of it has a basis in body image and personal health, some of it leans more towards body image/self esteem/Women's health while the other is more on a bent of "I want to study the effect exercise has on psychological conditions and how it can work as a substitute/addition to drugs."
If I want to study the affects of psychopharmaceuticals, I don't even know what kind of degree I need. Do I have to have an MD? I don't think I could survive med school, I really don't, and I REALLY don't want to place an emphasis on medicine over Psychotherapy in either my studies or my professional life.
It's time to go back to the adviser. And it's not even the second week of school.

In other news, I did get to have margaritas, so all was not lost. And there will be more this weekend! I left before the karaoke started again, next week perhaps I will be brave? I've had flowers on the wall stuck in my head for the last couple weeks. If they have it in the book, I will do the world's worst rendition of it.

In other other news, I have yet to make any friends. But I am hopeful that someday this will not be the case. I sense that subtle changes will need to be made to my wardrobe so that I look a little less weird all the time. Well, I broke the zipper on my brown coat, so I walk around in the nanook of the north giant black coat all the time which doesn't go with jeans, boots and my stripey hat. The girls here all wear tasteful makeup and North Face, when they're not in their Victoria's Secret UofI pink hoodies. While admittedly, it seems impossible that I would dress remotely like that, it seems I might want to be slightly less off-putting. I recognize that I am unapproachable. Also I make no attempt to look remotely attractive, and while no, I shouldn't have to, people can't just psychically sense you have a fun personality. So yeah, maybe I should think about leaving my hair down one day and foregoing the hat despite the cold. Yeah, that sounds unlikely to me too.

Today I go to the gym! Wish me luck!

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